Founder's Message

The company started its operation in 1999 with JMI Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd (formerly JMI Bangla co. Ltd.) with the collaboration of partners from The Republic of South Korea; my dream was to serve the nation by not only offering innovative products but also to make these products affordable to the average income earners within Bangladesh.

By focusing on this inspiration, The JMI Group has always dreamed of the diversification and expansion of its current business operations. Due to this motivation, JMI Group now has 11 different businesses operating since its inception. In order to expand to evermore sophisticated products within JMI’s lineup, I am happy to inform you that we have already started a new joint venture with Nipro Corporation, Japan. In the context of the agreement, JMI will work together with Nipro Corporation in Bangladesh for improving people’s quality of life.

As the founder Managing Director of JMI Group, I would like to express my gratitude to all stakeholders, customers, and employees of this emerging group for all working together since its founding period. If we continue our collaborative and innovative effort, I believe we will soon become one of the best business groups within Bangladesh.

I do believe that JMI Group has much to offer the Bangladesh health sector as well as the world beyond. We have always promised to give our best support, services, and products for healthcare in the future as JMI has done in the past through Auto Disable (AD) syringes and other medical devices. By continuing the innovative services by the JMI team, I have every trust in our young generation for their increasing positive attitude and enthusiasm. Our young generation can work hard and take the lead to take Bangladesh to its desired position in the global market sector; they can hold their heads high.

Md. Abdur Razzaq, CIP

Founder & Managing Director, JMI Group